This is news I heard, and hopefully it’s a rumor. Because if it’s not, then I truly fear for DC. They seem to be having a mental breakdown. No jokes in their movies? Yeah, we know DC likes it’s gritty reboots, but to push ALL of your characters down the depression slide is ridiculous. How will Hal hit on Carol if he isn’t making some wisecrack? Captain Marvel’s charm and humor comes from him being a 10 year old. I understand that DC is probably trying to separate what they do from Marvel. I get that, but you will never pull off a high drama story about the Flash. DC characters already have more of an uptight stigma as it is. They don’t need 9 more movies about dark, brooding superheroes. It will make them all come off as stale and one dimensional. I guarantee it.


Hail Hydra


p.s. Inky will be at Granite Con selling his prints. So go say hi and buy some prints! He’s not as bad of an artist as he says he is.