Rob “The Wild Man” Jeannotte


Rob can trace his family’s lineage back to the original settlers of North America.  Fortunately, many of OUR ancestors wiped them out and made the land civilized—he’s half injin.  Moving along, Rob Jeannotte’s origin story starts out with him being bitten.  Unfortunately, it was not a radioactive spider that would have altered his DNA and given him superpowers.  No, he was bitten by the art bug.  Since he can barely grasp the concept of human speech, and he writes like a raptor hunts (it usually gets the job done but it’ll be messy), he has to communicate somehow.  That left music or art.  He made the right choice.  Despite his shortcomings, Rob is quite honestly the friendliest person on the planet.  His ability to always be genuine endears him to even the harshest of critics.

Greg “Inky” Charland


Greg “Inky” Charland is more like his comic book heroes than most people realize.  Namely, Superman.  Like Superman, he’s from Kansas, he can fly … in a plane, he has super strength … of will, and he has a dual identity.  To his family, he’s Greg.  Greg is quiet, content to keep the status quo, and not ruffle any feathers.  To his closest friends, he’s Inky.  Inky is loud, opinionated, and authoritative.  The struggle to keep both halves of his identity is kept in check by his supportive wife, loving family, and loyal friends (who are a mere 1,500 miles away).  If his isolation in the desolate land of Middle America have taught him anything, it’s to take life as it comes.  Sleep when you’re tired, eat when you’re hungry, and laugh at everything.

Staff Members:

Lisa Charland: Paige/Slave Driver/Support System

Greg Peterson: Office Manager/Event Coordinator/Bacon Enthusiast

Steve Mahoney: Marketing Director/Forum Admin/Upstanding Man-About-Town

Chris Navarro: Forum Admin/Benchwarmer/Jack-of-all-trades

Eric Richburg: Best Boy Grip/Roadie/Playmate of the year