This will have to be quick. I have so much to do.

Just kidding… I am on spring break. I have plenty of time.

I am looking forward to The Hunger Games coming out this weekend. I enjoyed the series and I like the cast for the movie. The only gripe I have with the book is that it’s been done before. (I’ll wait while you all get over your shock.) Yes, I’ve read a book about young people forced to kill each other before.

It’s a book called Battle Royale. Written by Koushun Takami, this novel treads the same ground as The Hunger Games. The two books are so similar that it’s impossible not to compare them. For me, Battle Royale is the clear winner. It’s more believable and suspenseful, since any child can die at any time. In The Hunger Games, you know who the hero is, the deaths are underplayed, and mercy is received from outsiders. There are plenty of reasons to read Battle Royale. Just remember, it came out first and The Hunger Games came after.

Despite all this, I have to say that the second and third books in The Hunger Games trilogy are great. The concept and story direction are better than the first book. The Hunger Games pursues a course only discussed in Battle Royale: the political effect of games like these. I enjoyed the inclusion of politics and oppression. It jumps into a Running Man meets V for Vendetta feel that really carries the series to the end.

I think you should read The Hunger Games trilogy. It’s worth your time. If you’re not going to read the series, read Battle Royale. It’s one of my all time favorites and is something you will want to read again and again. And, as always, read Ender’s Game.