Day one of finals is over. I had to be up early to drive to Salina for my speech final. Thus the delay in posting today’s strip. Still up before noon is better than up after 9:00 pm.


Just bought some new video games. They are going to be my reward for making it through finals. I picked up Infamous 2 and Skyrim. I rented Infamous 2 over thanksgiving break. Much like the first one, I got addicted. Renting is okay for a taste or playing a short game, but it wasn’t enough for a game like Infamous 2. It’s a game you need to play through as good and evil. As for Skyrim, I’ve only heard good things. I hear it’s a long play and very detailed. I plan on being very involved with my PS3 over Christmas break.


Off to work then back home to work on Java 2 programming. Day two of finals tomorrow. Once more into the breach, dear friends.