That’s the end of the reunion story. Looks like things turned out well for Zack in the end.

We added TWO NEW SHIRTS to our store. Be sure to check them out. We hope you like them. If you buy one, be sure to tell your friends where you got it. We will be adding more throughout the month of May. We also working on stickers, buttons, and some other surprises this month.

Not long ago we covered a little thing called “The Geek Hierarchy.” The Hierarchy was a fun way for us to give some structure to the broad classification of “Geek.”

It is a fairly controversial subject, and we received the amount of grief we expected when we set out to cover the topic. What surprised me is that we’ve received more grief over something I never counted on: the topic of “fandom.” I didn’t expect geek pride to handle the topic of fandom in a negative context. On Wednesday and Friday I will continue on this topic, with a two-part blog post titled “Fandom Is Not An Insult.”

However, before I go, let me say: It’s not for me to determine the better geek, nor should any geek say who’s better. We’re all living and loving our passions together.