*** I was told by my business partner and our manager that Monday’s comic ruffled a few feathers (I’m surprised it took this long). So … I reiterate that we’re not picking on geeks. We know geeks are our audience. Rob and I are geeks ourselves. Heck, Rob IS a dice-roller. This isn’t about who is “better” among geeks. We are just providing a (hopefully) humorous gauge. ***


I don’t know ANY LARPers, so I can’t pick on them. However, Rob knows a few. To quote Rob, “The thing about LARPers is that they own it.” I think that’s a good thing. Too often we hide our geekdom. I know I don’t talk about comics at every turn. You almost have to respect people that get dressed up on the weekend and beat at each other with padded sticks (I never thought I would write that sentence). LARPing isn’t much different from Civil War reenactments or public performance art. It’s something the people involved enjoy, and they don’t concern themselves with what others think.

This level is inhabited by die-hard geeks. Remember, levels don’t necessarily determine depth of geekdom, but by the time you are in this level, you a serious geek. When you begin LARPing, you are compounding geek levels. If you combine fandom with D&D, you end up with LARPers.

(Speaking of combining levels, the LARPing level has a sub category for cosplayers. They combine fandom and comic geekdom with dressing up. I am aware there are differences between LARPing and cosplaying, but at the core both groups have stepped up the fantasy. Both LARPers and cosplayers are creative and devoted to their characters.)

LARPing is something I’d like to see sometime. I think it could be interesting. I could never do it, but we geeks in different levels of the hierarchy need to support and be kind to our fellow geeks that occupy this level. They have creativity and devotion. Isn’t that we geeks are all about?