Flash likes to cause a ruckus. He needs rules like, “Don’t incite violence” and “Don’t throw rotten apples at Sloth.”

I’m getting ready for my trip to Massachusetts. Boston Comic Con is this weekend. Be sure to find some time to come see us. It looks like it will be a fun, but busy five days.

Other things you should know for the weekend:

  • We will have our crew of henchmen with us. I don’t know if most comic artists/writers have henchmen, but we do.
  • I will be there. I know that is enough of a reason to stop by, but if you NEED another reason…
  • Rob will be there, and he will have just turned 30 (His birthday is tomorrow). Feel free to bring us cake.
  • We will have gadgets and fun stuff linking to our website and some of our favorite strips.
  • We like to take long walks on the beach and starry skies.
  • We dislike mean people and spiders.

Get ready, people. This will be a weekend to remember.