I’m back from San Francisco. It’s nice to come home and see that the website is still up. I can understand the fear parents must feel leaving the kids home alone all week. It’s not that you expect the house to be burnt down. You just hope it doesn’t happen. That is what it was like putting the site in Rob’s hands for the week. However, let’s give him a round of applause for handling the site so well this past week. He did all the work and deserves a tip of the hat.


I hope you are enjoying the introduction of our new employee. It is nice to have a complete “cast. It frees us up to tell the story we started out to tell. Rob has covered the basics in his blogging adventures. I will leave it at that.


Today’s strip is Zack getting out of his shock coma. He’ll have to get over his issues now that his dream girl is working at the store. I’m sure he’ll manage. That will mean that Zack will have passed Rob’s current skills with women. Sometimes art doesn’t mimic life.


Vacation was nice, but it’s good to be home.