Edgar’s a dirty birdie. He is always fun to write.


I decided to get back in shape after a long hiatus and gaining several pounds. I stopped working out as soon as I got out of the Marine Corps and it has caught up with me. I enjoy working out, but I am surprised at how sore a body can get. I feel like every muscle in my body must hate me right now.


I imagine it’s how Cyclops must feel after fighting someone like Juggernaut.  It must be hard to be a super hero if you don’t have some sort of healing factor. Scott is bad enough to imagine. Batman must wake up some mornings hating life. So I give you the, “Top five heroes that have no healing factor that must wake up sore every morning”. (Things I am considering: no healing factor, strength of Villains they face, how effective they are in battle, and effort it takes to use their power.)

1) Batman

2) Cyclops

3) Spider-man

4) Green Arrow

5) John Constantine


-“The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” // Count: 9