First, if a geek friend says he doesn’t feel like reading comics, you may slap him/her.

Second, we hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day. If Facebook is any indicator, Valentine’s Day really polarizes people. I saw couples being overly romantic and singles being overly bitter. I don’t really get it. You’re all aware that, unless you broke up or hooked up with someone yesterday, you are still in your particular situation today. So here are a few reasons to not to get worked up over Valentine’s Day:

  • Valentines day is not a real holiday, it is a marketing day developed to get consumers to spend money. February is a notoriously hard month for businesses and Valentine’s day just happens to be there to boost sales.
  • Single people should be happy that they don’t feel compelled to spend money for no reason.
  • Singles shouldn’t get angry or sad. It’s like alcoholics being mad at St. Patrick’s Day or every other country hating the 4th of July (except the U.K., they still deserve to be a little pissed). Let others celebrate and go do something fun. I will never celebrate a Father’s Day and I am happy about it.
  • Couples, don’t spend too much money. Money is a major contributor to relationship issues. Do something small.
  • Couples, if you loved someone yesterday, you should still love them today. Be sure to express how you feel today. Don’t wait on a holiday to be the reason to show affection.
Those are just a couple of thoughts. My wife, in her good humor, got me a funny book and a “Happy Not A Fathers Day” coffee mug. If there was ever a day to be celebrated, that’s the one.