I think Big Bang Theory is funny. I enjoy the show, and I appreciate that it exposes the public to comics, games, sci-fi, and movies they might never hear about.

Despite all this, I think the show portrays a watered-down version of what geeks and nerds are really like. When I was growing up, geeks and nerds got picked on. Now I hear things like, “My friends think I’m like Sheldon,” or  “I act like Leonard.” If you’re not digging underwear out of your butt on a daily basis, you’re not like either of them.

The show skips over what geeks and nerds go through while in middle and high school. I know those are hard age groups for most people, but if you’re socially awkward at that age, it’s not cute or funny. It makes you a target for ridicule, and getting through school is harder. Usually, you don’t grow up to be as well-adjusted as the characters on Big Bang Theory.

Also, in the words of my wife, “They’re not real geeks. They’re too well-dressed.” That’s another good point. The characters on Big Bang Theory are too socially acceptable to be credible as geeks. None of the characters smell bad or are overweight. Their cute blonde non-geek neighbor enjoys hanging out with them, and even dates one of them. I don’t buy it.