***Sorry for the delay. We had technical difficulties. A downside of digital is that your work stops when Photoshop craps out. However, we’re online now, so let’s move on.***

I would have been a little late no matter what. I went to a midnight showing of The Hunger Game last night. I learned two very important things last night.

One, I am too old to be going to midnight releases. I am tired. I won’t be able to sleep right all weekend. I also can’t handle concession food that late at night. Despite all this, I hear a little voice in my head say, “Avengers Assemble,” and I know where I’ll be midnight May 4th.

Two, I can’t watch movies with “shaky cam.” No matter how good a movie is, if it looks like someone shot the film on a hand-held camera, I’m out. I can’t handle the jittery nature of the camera. I know it has its place, but if the shot can be stationary, just film it that way. I don’t need the characters’ heads bouncing in and out of the frame.

As for a review: The movie was good. It held true to the book. The acting was good. It was a totally decent film. If you’ve read the books and can handle shaky cam, you should enjoy it.