Ok, so I don’t chime in here as much as I would like. Then last week I read the words I always hoped I would, but gave up on and I had to share it with you guys. The Tea Party have reunited! Not just that, BUT they are talking about putting together another album! Freaking amazing! (Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of them, a lot of people in America haven’t.)

Now you may be asking “Rob, who is The Tea Party?”. My answer to you is the greatest band I have ever heard. They can’t really be pinned down to one sound, but the easiest way to describe them is alternative rock with a Blues/Eastern influence. Not that new White Stripes type of alt rock, but that great 90’s alt rock. Back when we were trying to shake off the hair metal and glam pop of the 80’s. What really resonates with me about them is they have a song for most any style of music you like. You like blues? Take a listen to Sun Going Down. Want to hear an awesome rock song? There is Writing’s On The Wall. Looking for something slower? Gone. My personal favorite is Psychopomp. The build up, the lyrics. All amazing. They also did an awesome cover of Paint it Black from the Rolling Stones.

After giving these guys a try, and you think “Rob, I’m WAY to cool for these guys”. Then I ask you, are you “cooler” than William “Captain James T. Kirk” Shatner?! Because he is about to record his own version of Empty Glass on his upcoming record. Yeah, makes you reconsider how cool you are doesn’t it? Yeah…I thought so.

All in all this is kind of my love letter to my favorite band (also, how I actually acted when I heard they were back together). If I can help spread the awesomeness of The Tea Party to at least one of you, then I feel like I have done my job. Thank you Jeff, Jeff and Chad for burying the hatchet for us. I can’t wait to see/hear what you guys come up with next.