Wow, thanks to Mr. Mark Mckenna for the little nod to us on Facebook. All it took was a little push from him and our “likes” made a huge jump. It was a significant increase for us and we appreciate it. I also need to thank our friends that have taken on admin duties to help us better manage the site.

I’m no social network junkie, but it is a powerful tool. I wish everyone that reads us would go like us on Facebook. Not because Facebook is perfect, but it’s an easy way to ensure that you see the newest comic when we post. That’s really all I want from social networking. It helps ensure our readers can come back to us again and again.

This J-O-B strip is based on an actual event. I won’t go into it details, but I may have thrown a salad at a customer. Food service is not for me. It’s not a job anyone can do. I respect all those who have the patience and skills to serve food to their fellow man. I will never do it again.

Thanks again to Mr. Mark Mckenna, and to all those that “liked” us on his recommendation. Welcome to Five and Dime Comics.